Music Festival Themed EventWhen we were contacted by a client looking to create and host a themed party for 250 guests at their home in Oxshott, Surrey, we couldn’t wait to be involved!

Our client knew that they wanted to create something special to ‘wow’ their guests; a mix of friends, family and work associates. But the question was which theme to go with?

It’s always important for us to understand exactly what clients are hoping to achieve with their events. Our client had some great ideas but needed lots of help and guidance in order to pull it all together. After extensive consultation we knew exactly what type of event they were looking to create, but we needed to help them to decide upon a theme.

We carefully considered the style of entertainment, food, drinks and the overall vibe that each theme would produce; and considered them in relation to the large and widely varied audience that would be attending the event.

The next step was to put together and present a shortlist for our clients consideration. Would it be an Ibiza beach party, a Full Moon Party or a Music festival theme? Our client was spoiled for choice! Our event management team worked closely with them, looking at the various options and helping them to whittle it down to their perfect theme.

Planning a music festival themed event

With the final decision made, the Vanilla Bean team moved on to phase two – planning a music festival style event!

One thing that was clear from the outset was that our client wanted to make sure that there was something on offer for every party goer. An eclectic mix of exciting and interesting stalls, stands, food, drink and entertainment options.

See the end result in our video, here:

Festival style entertainment

Music Festival Themed EventWe wanted to ensure that guests were engaged from the moment they arrived. Our clients home was set in substantial, beautifully landscaped grounds and we wanted to make sure that we took advantage of the space. We used a variety of lighting effects to illuminate the trees surrounding the property and to wash the house with festival colours and dramatic ultraviolet lighting.

Guests wouldn’t want to arrive to a wall of music, they’d want to meet and greet old friends and new, grab a drink, socialise and soak up the atmosphere. In such a large and sprawling space a roaming percussion band was the perfect choice to kick things off.

Festival stalls and stand

Music Festival Themed Event

With a variety of stands and stalls scattered throughout the venue, the guests were offered a plethora of interesting and engaging activities to keep them entertained.

One stand invited guests to chase and taste alcohol bubbles, while we tempted others to sample naughty but nice treats at our sweet station. And it was all the fun of the fair with a big wheel, shooting gallery, coconut shy and football shoot out. Of course, it wouldn’t have been an authentic fairground experience if we didn’t offer delicious candyfloss for guests to devour!

Other stands offered ultra violet face painting, Hawaiian style flower leis and a glow stick zone. For those looking for a more relaxed vibe we created a shisha lounge, with faux fur blankets for guests to chill out under. A perfect space to relax and regroup before partying the night away.

Music Festival Themed EventThe entertainment never ends!

With guests settled in and drinks flowing, the roaming percussion band packed away their kit. And we amped up the volume with a Rock Band! Then, at 11.30pm we lit up the night sky with a spectacular fireworks display; which dove-tailed perfectly into a live DJ set. The DJ set featured an accompanying saxophonist and singer, entertaining the masses from 7pm until 2am.

Food and drink – a festival of flavours!

With a large number and varied mix of guests the food and drink options needed to reflect the audience and cater to a variety of tastes.Music Festival Themed Event

For drinks, we offered a craft gin bar, a vodka luge and an exciting variety of other drinks; including passionfruit cocktails served in baked bean cans, and huge Mai Tai cocktail sharing buckets.  All served by world class flair bar tenders from behind a beautiful grass fronted ‘Island’ bar.

The event offered the perfect setting for our ‘World food stands’ and an amazing choice of global culinary delights. From Dim Sum to Duck fried rice, plus a wood fired pit barbecue station, soft tacos, quesadillas, and gold glittered churros with chocolate sauce.

Music Festival Themed EventThe after party!

With plenty of amazing entertainment, drinks flowing and great food on offer all evening long, it’s no surprise that when the DJ’s live set wound down at 2am there were plenty of revellers ready for more!

Que the after party! Okay, so by 2am the majority of the 250 party guests may have made their way home; but for the die-hard party people we moved proceedings to our clients basement games room. Here guests were able to while away the night in a beautiful space; partying until 4.30 in the morning – without upsetting the neighbours!

Planning a festival themed event?

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