Authentic South American Barbecue

Traditional South American Barbecue…


Churrasco is a traditional Brazilian barbecue cooking style using a variety of beef, pork, sausage and chicken, grilled on a “churrasqueira”. The Churrasco comes with an opulent station of artisan salads, grilled vegetables and traditional South American dishes.

The Churrasqueira barbecue

The ‘Churrasqueira’ or South American barbecue that lends Churrasco it’s name, is an extremely versatile piece of kit; it can utilise any type of briquette, lava rock, charcoal, or wood fuel to accentuate the cooking process.

Skewers are used over the open grill, using dry radiant heat for a healthy cooking style.

Open Lava rocks mimic the traditional charcoal cooking method of grilling, providing a unique flavour to the roasts. Four varieties of  wood chips allow for a variation of flavours for the roasts.

Barbecue with a tableside service

Showcasing carefully selected cuts of lamb, beef, chicken, pork or fish cooked over Lava rock and flavoured wood chips.

Guests experience continuous tableside service (Rodizio) of meats carved to order. Served with artisan salads and seasonal compliments. The environment created by this dining format offers an exciting change to alfresco and event dining.

Why not add some South American spice to your summer parties? Contact the Vanilla Bean team to discuss Churrasco and the wide variety of other catering options that we are able to offer.

Chef cooking brazillian style barbeued meat and fish
Churrasco - Brazilian barbecue


Colourful, aromatic, flavoursome, lively and a whole lot of fun.