In 2020, Christmas parties are going to look a little different from the norm. There will be no huge indoor gatherings and office parties. Instead, you will probably be looking at something a bit smaller at home, with your family or bubble. However, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t still be a special occasion! If you’re thinking about hosting a Christmas party at home to enjoy the festive season, we’ve put together our top tips to make it extra special. We absolutely love delivering delicious menus to our clients at home, to give occasions like these that all important wow factor. So, we know a thing or two about what makes a great event, even if we can’t all get together like we usually do. Keep on reading to find out more about our hints and tips for a happy holiday season filled with festive cheer!

You don’t have to do everything!

Our first tip for hosting a Christmas party at home is, you really don’t have to do everything yourself! Hosting any kind of occasion, big or small, can be really stressful. So, there’s nothing wrong with getting outside help. And what’s the best area to get this help? We definitely think it’s the food! After all, it’s food that tends to be the most memorable part of any festive occasion, at home or not. So, why not take the stress away from yourself as the party host, and give your guests a culinary experience to remember? It’s a win-win situation! And, if you’re not doing all the cooking, you can spend more time with your family and friends enjoying the festivities. What could be better than that?

Different occasions will require different food and menus. You might just want a few nibbles and drinks, or a full meal. It’s completely up to you and the occasion! Here at Vanilla Bean, we have a range of catering options that can be delivered directly to your door, with simple cooking instructions to make every feast a big success. From fine dining three-course dinners to family sharing platters and everything in between, we’re sure to have an option to suit you. So, please get in touch to find out more about what we can offer in the festive season and beyond.

For hosting an extra-special Christmas party at home, pick a theme

What’s another way to make your Christmas party even more memorable for your family and guests? We think that putting a little extra effort into choosing a great theme and decorating accordingly will definitely do the trick. There are so many different themes from warm blush, ice blue, Country classic, all silver and crystal or even peacock feathers to choose from. When it comes to themes, the sky is truly the limit. There’s something to suit every style of home and personal taste. You can tie all sorts of details of your Christmas party into the theme. From the decorations, music, food, your own outfit and even party games, there’s no limit to your imagination. In fact, the more ‘all-out’ you go with the theme, the more likely it is to be a fun and memorable occasion for everyone involved. Our best advice is to focus on the quality of your celebration seeing as we cant have the quantity of guests we would like! Adding small finishing touches in the theme of your choice is the perfect way to add something extra-special to the occasion and make it one to remember, despite the restrictions. 

Music is key to creating a festive atmosphere

Speaking of the finer details, when hosting a Christmas party at home it’s important not to forget about the music! It can really set the tone for the whole event. The music that you choose will depend on the theme and mood of the party, but it’s really important for ambience and adding to the magic of the day. Whether you go with traditional Christmassy tunes or something a bit more lowkey, this can make the difference between a good party at home, and a great one. All of the elements of the event should work together in harmony to create a fun and festive experience, and music is definitely a huge part of that.

Don’t forget your budget

When hosting a Christmas party at home, it’s easy to get carried away really quickly. When being inspired your can so easily get carried away! So, as with planning any sort of occasion, it’s a good idea to come up with a budget before you start planning the event. Then you have something to work on and your focus is to maximize what can be done within your budget which our events team has always been great at. Make sure that everything you want to have at your party is included in the initial budget. For a low-key party at home, food and drink are likely to be your biggest expense. But, it’s important not to scrimp on quality- nothing beats a truly delicious dining experience, especially at Christmas! 

Decorations can make or break a space

We’ve briefly mentioned decorations before, but they really can make or break a festive atmosphere and can really help your theme come together. And, there are so many available out there that there’s sure to be a huge amount that suits your taste or theme! Whether you’re going traditional with fairy lights and foliage garlands, or are trying something new such as bauble wreaths or a modern colour scheme, decorations have the power to transform any space into a festive wonderland! Don’t forget to decorate your festive table for the extra special touch. You can do this with anything, from candles to foliage from the garden. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to festive decorations at home!

What about decorating outside?

There’s also plenty of potential to decorate outside your home too! This will give your guests an extra bit of wow-factor even before they get inside. Traditional wreaths and lights are always a winner here. They’ll transform even the most drab of outdoor spaces into something wonderful and festive, so why not get creative? Festoon lighting is perfect to give an informal street-food vibe to your event, and can be used inside or outside. Also, lining your window frames with lights adds a unique touch using traditional lighting. For some real wow-factor, why not use uplighting to wash your house in a festive colour, such as red or green? This will easily complement your existing decorations and provide a burst of colour at the same time. As the entrance to your house, it’s important not to forget the porch. We love the look of evergreen foliage to create an arch in your porch, which can be decorated with supersized baubles and lights to really pack a punch. There are so many options for decorating the exterior of your home that will make the atmosphere even more festive! 

christmas drinksDelicious drinks for hosting a Christmas party at home

Now, we’ve spoken about food. We may be biased, but we think that it’s the most important part of any special festive occasion! But finally, what about the second most important part, the drinks? Food and drinks work together to create a memorable dining experience, so it’s a good idea to put some thought into planning what drinks you’re going to serve well in advance. Cocktails are always a popular option. We recommend our popular ‘Berry Fizzmas’ to serve to your guests on arrival. The fresh cranberry, gin, blood orange and crown of champagne all work together perfectly for a light and festive welcoming drink. As the night progresses, guests are sure to love a classic Espresso Martini, or even a Gingerbread Martini in the spirit of the season! To round off the evening, we always recommend our ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ cocktail as the ideal sipping drink. Containing aged rum, walnut bitters, and a light chilli syrup stirred over ice with orange peel, it’s a lovely and warming drink to enjoy by the fire. 

But don’t forget the wine! When it comes to selecting the perfect wine to go with your festive meal, we don’t recommend a heavy red that’s usually only designed to be sipped on. Instead, if you do want a red, a Pinot Noir would complement turkey perfectly. If you would prefer a white, a classic White Burgundy is always sure to go down well- our particular favourite is a luxurious Mont Rocher that will work with a range of different dishes. 

We hope that this article has helped you with some things to think about if you’re hosting a Christmas party at home this year! Whatever you are doing this festive season, we hope that it is festive and cheerful. To find out more about Vanilla Bean and everything we have to offer in the way of catering and events services, please visit our website or get in touch today.