£20.00£51.50 (Each portion serves 4 people)

A collection of classic home-style dishes fully prepared and freeze-chilled on the day of creation. Simply pop the trays in the oven or poach in bistro bays in a pan of water. Our most popular family favourite is currently the British Isles fish pie and our Bourguignon of Surrey Hills beef!

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Bistro Bags

Lasagne al forno, cave aged cheddar crust £27, Bourguignonne of Surrey Hills beef £23, Shepherd’s pie of minced hogget £22.50, Thai green chicken curry £25, Thai massaman curry of sweet potato £20, Eritrean Turkey curry with toasted East African spice blend £22, Bouillabaisse au provence £37, Fisherman’s pie of the british £37.50 coasts


No sides £0, Raclette crusted dauphinoise £14 serves 4 guests, Mulled cider and redcurrant braised red cabbage £9.20 serve 4 guests, Truffle cauliflower and leek gratin £9.20 serves 4 guests, Crushed swede and carrot with a black pepper and nutmeg butter £10.00 serves 4 guests

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